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Wake up my heart and dance in the light of God, who is a God of truth and cannot lie.

Don’t search outside, but look within. The Seven Dwarves are living proof that all of us can win!

So you take step by step,
And don’t forget to show your feelings!
Fight without fear!
But trust in the gift of life.
You’ve got to find a voice,
And always strive to serve your people.
And you will be a light in the night! (The Dwarves’ Dance)

My beautiful Snow White. I understand your sadness. But there’s a kind of sadness that’s utterly dangerous to face and try and deal with all alone. And if you look at it too long, you’ll only lose yourself in it!

Every day is a new day. You can always start over. As soon as you make up your mind!

Your life was good in spite of everything that happened! It couldn’t have been any other way. I mean, the greatest things we sometimes dream of are reached with a lot of little steps. And most of your dreadful sadness only comes from people who want you to be somebody you’re not. But you say, ‘Yes to life! Yes to love! Yes to myself!’ Say it! — Yes to you! Yes to you! Have you ever heard any-thing more beautiful? Yes to YOUHOOO!!!

I know what you are going through. Dwarves hardly age once we’re past one hundred. After that, we only grow in insight and wisdom. Or so they say. But believe me, the first hundred years are the hardest!

“Power, influence and wealth,” the King sadly shook his head, “nothing but illusions. I was too ambitious. And finally lost everything that really  matters: my precious wife, our family. Oh, my beloved Snow White . . .” (The King’s regrets)

A promise is a token
That must not be broken.
And if I do, I’ll die until I’m dead! (Great Dwarves’ Word of Honor)

So you are dreaming about a very special someone. But before he can find you, you first have to be a special woman, too. Or how else is he supposed to find you in this big, wide world, huh? And besides, I’m afraid whatever prince one day will love you and take you to his kingdom, above all, and in the end, he will be human. That, in spite of all your dreams, you should never forget.

Truth and happiness! Is there one without the other?

You’re not afraid of a small and ugly garden dwarf, are you? Only a head full of straw fears every spark of truth! And those busy fantasizing that they are nothing but nice and sweet are usually the worst. After all, they are only defending themselves, you know, against the wicked! And never think twice about their own ways of hurting others.

You’re not used to hearing the truth, Princess. And you fight everyone who might be able to tell you. Now that’s not grown up, is it? A prince or princess you become by birth. That’s your inheritance. But as king or queen, one is appointed. That you must earn.

You think that what you do in life concerns only yourself. But we are all tied together, heaven and earth and animals and plants and rocks and everything there is. And every time someone kindles the light of their soul, they don’t do it only for themselves, but everything grows brighter around them, too. So, let there be light!

A world like this doesn’t happen every day. Even God couldn’t handle all this injustice and pain forever. But he will never do for us what we can do ourselves. So, in your case, why not let your joining him in true life be sooner rather than later. I mean, stop wasting your time and do what you already know needs to be done. No more hide and seek. And remember, there’s no self-pity either, only choices to make. Just do it or leave it.

For sure, whom life has given much to bear, and who accepts it well, acquires knowledge, wisdom, and great power. By golly, that’s a fine, fine reason to celebrate!

Oh no. There’s a lot of good in human beings. But most people hide it and don’t share what’s most precious in them, for fear of getting hurt. They just don’t see that that would be much better than the painfully slow, emotional death they’re dying!

You see, your Stepmother looks for happiness in all the wrong places! But if in autumn you wish for spring, you miss the greatness of autumn. And if in winter you long for summer, you pass by the secrets of winter . . . and life will seem joyless and empty to you.

Snow White, you think you are a failure. But success isn’t determined by what you have achieved in life or not, but by the truthfulness of your being. And one day, once you realize your true self and live accordingly in spite of everything, that’s when you are successful!

If you ask a butterfly exactly how it happened that he turned from an ugly, old caterpillar into one of the most beautiful creatures we know, he wouldn’t be able to tell you either. Except he always wanted it that way! Your true nature is perfect, Snow White. I don’t mean maybe, or almost, but absolutely perfect. But you can’t keep anything in life that doesn’t want to stay with you. So let it go. Then, whatever stays truly wants to be with you, and it belongs to you forever!

Not to worry! Your whole life is magic. This world and everything in it wasn’t built and put into place by hands either, but by intent and thought. Your whole life works that way. Yes, it’s the thoughts you form that soon show up in everything around you. Can you imagine the power of your thoughts? They move mountains, build new worlds . . . but most of all, you could change your life with them!

Humans have long forgotten how to talk to one another, let alone to the world around them! But you also have this power. And one day you will use it, and play your music expertly. Snow White. Life is a dance, a song, a symphony, a choir . . . and what will you contribute? A timid coward’s music? Or something heartfelt, passionate, and full of energy and power?

We’re not saying there’s no evil, and it’s extremely strong, but not eternal, for it can only cause destruction and finally destroys itself and all who are part of it! One day, man will arrive at his own inner conviction that preferring good over evil, indeed, has never been a question of religion or any special view of God, but personal intelligence . . . and that there simply is no sensible alternative.

Most people would rather die than admit that they were wrong. To them, indeed, that would be death already . . . But it’s not your entire you that has to die, Snow White, just some of your old attitudes, so you can truly live! And if you are wise and serious about the truth, you’ll change your mind until you are right.

A good word of advice can also be dangerous and turn you from your path forever. Much better you listen to the voice of your own heart!

If there was a place where all the knowledge of this universe was neatly stored away, a kind of library where every truth could be discovered, would you go there? Then go inside yourself. There, you’ll find every answer.

Not even the smallest part of eternal truth was ever written down. The final truth is inexplicable. You know it, you feel it, but there are no words for it.

Whoever wants to see the light first has to proceed through all of their own darkness. Things are hardly ever as they seem. And the happiness you are looking for is far behind these mountains—right where you came into this world. That’s where all your trials started, and all of your solutions are!

You’ll ever only excel in what you truly love.

But Father! You can’t and don’t want to understand me. Don’t you see the daily struggle between the people and the crown, the deepest poverty and overwhelming luxury? Throughout the ages, our kings have only been concerned with securing their own power, instead of caring about the lives of those they should have served. And whenever any of them tried, they were jealously restrained by their royal households, and even their own confidantes! As if we weren’t surrounded by enough wealth in this world for everyone to share . . . No, what’s wrong with this world? I reign because I serve! When did that ancient law cease to exist? (The Prince’s question)

(Passing through the gate, and while the rest continued inside the yard, the Prince stayed his horse and pondered the portrait of the welcoming estate’s founder and his wife, with the year 1569 and their heartfelt declaration carved into the stone below it, which had always held his fascination, and which he knew by heart.)

Marital love in God and true affection
Bestow joys and blessings
Never in need of reconciliation.

With steadfast mind and industry
In God we trusted.
For our kin to prosper
This house was constructed.

To love yourself and serve the world with pure and unconditional love, that’s whole! No sword could be mightier. (The Queen’s Declaration)

Gold is nothing without the light that shines on it. And if it’s nothing but gold you want, that’s all that you shall get. But I’d have something much more valuable for you!

In the right place
At the right time is an art
You will master as you follow
The voice of your heart! (The Dwarves’ Secret)

Already as a young boy, I discovered the still small voice of my heart. It often made me sad and even angry if I couldn’t understand what it was trying to tell me. But whenever I was able to, I followed. It was this voice that guided me to you. And maybe, after all, it was you who called me.

Come on. Say yes, old grouch. They’re made for each other! A couple like this happens once in a lifetime. You should know. We’ve been around long enough!

There is only one thing I will need from you. That you’ll never do anything just for me. I don’t want it. Whatever it is, you do it with all your heart, or not at all. And I will always be able to love you. Right? (Snow White’s Love Wish)

As long as she’s in power, you cannot be queen. It’s either you or her!

I’m not fighting with her anymore. Because there is still much good in her. And she is my mother, too. She also made me who I am today . . .

This is our gift to you: that in the sincerity of your life, all darkness pales; and the warmth of your love embrace the whole world.

Every time a man and woman are blessed to come this far, a new universe comes into being. Not only for yourselves, your children and your children’s children, but everyone whose life you touch. And true—it doesn’t happen often, but when it does, it’s heaven!

Now you know everything you need to help yourself and be of service to your people. A rose of wisdom blossoms in your heart. Allow it to unfold, and you will touch the hearts of those you love.

Never ever give up on your hopes and dreams. After all, they are all life’s worth living for. For the day you stop dreaming, you’ll stop living!

And be gentle with each other. You know by now how precious your love is.


Snow White and the Prince held onto each other tightly and lived happily ever after, just as the Dwarves had wished for them. They ruled their kingdom with wisdom and great power and were blessed with many children. There were no poor or sad or lonely among them, for everyone cared for and shared their gifts and talents with each other. Indeed, they simply thought and spoke and lived the truth and nothing but the truth, which truly is like heaven.

And who knows? If they haven’t been discouraged and swayed by the Dark Count and his wicked allies all over the world, some of their enlightened offspring might still be alive and among us today. For all we know, you may be one of Snow White’s and the Prince’s great-great-great-great-great-grandchildren, too. And if you are, God bless you, and I thank you. For the world will be a better place because of you: Snow White’s children.

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