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This is your once in a lifetime chance at a bibliophile rarity sure to soar  in collector’s value and appreciation: the strictly limited, English language version of The True Snow White.

These fine, leather-bound jewels, mainly designed and handcrafted by  the author and his ingenious helpers, are individually numbered, signed and personally dedicated to each owner.


The price is USD 80.00 plus courier shipping. And there will be only 1,200 English language copies worldwide, ever.


All copies of The True Snow White – Limited Premiere Edition will be numbered and personalized in the order of receipt of payment.

While we cannot guarantee a certain number, you are welcome to include a preference in your PayPal payment’s comments section, which if already taken will be matched with the nearest available number up or down.

And for those who for reasons of their own wish to avoid a certain number, you can also state which one you DO NOT want to have.


With your payment, please clearly state the recipient’s name, and in which of these three formats you want your copy to be personalized.

Style A:  Prince or Princess (first name)
Style B:  First and last name
Style C:  The (last name) family

The time is right

Allow yourself to be fascinated by one of the world’s greatest stories, presented in an equally great and timeless way.

The True Snow White – Limited Premiere Edition is likely one of the most memorable gifts you’ll ever give. So get your own keepsake today. Chances are you’ll be forever glad you did.

Concerning orders, please send all inquiries here.

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