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Jo, Essex: I am very taken with The True Snow White’s beautiful use of language in combination with the sometimes uncomfortable examination of truth in this story.  ●  Katie, Idaho: I am a voracious reader and very excited to dive into The True Snow White. I love the idea that you are looking for everyone to bring something unique to this project. There are so many talented people out there, and a number of fresh faces combined with a new spin on this classic tale would be stellar compared to the “usual” movies and projects we are seeing these days.  ●  Vincent, Wales: The True Snow White is based on a classic fairytale that to this day captivates and enthralls young and old – bringing magic, beauty, friendship, and love to an otherwise hard world  ●  Iveta, Oxfordshire: The True Snow White is such a beautiful story. It is going to be a new, great fairytale movie that will bring joy to everyone, and I am sure it will be a masterpiece!  ●  Claire, Edinburgh: The True Snow White is fascinating because it’s based on a classic story the whole world already loves. To have new faces and talent explore it more deeply and transform Disney’s cartoon adaptation into a real life enactment people can identify with is such a brilliant idea. I think its audiences will get a lot from this project, Snow White’s ancient hero’s journey still being so true to modern day life, and to convey that in a way for people to better understand is really ingenious.  ●  Jessica, London: The True Snow White is enchanting, inspirational, and such a fantastic idea!  ●  Flavia, Milan: I believe that in each of us the romantic dreams of The True Snow White are forever alive. But the more we grow up the further we seem to be getting distanced from them. And it’s wonderful, even if be just by a film, to be reminded and encouraged to dream again.  ●  Danielle, New York: Rarely is there a project that passes me and grabs me in such a way that I am so excited and passionate about it. Thank you for making a film that stands for something and provides a light in our world.  ●  Jesse, New York: What fascinates me most is the strength of your confidence and the assurance in your hearts that you know this project is indeed about the true Snow White. That you are saluting previous versions by saying ‘That was good, but this is how it should be and will be great!’ And I, Jesse Michael Sheridan a.k.a. the Prince of Hearts, want to get involved like you in giving my blood, sweat, and tears to The True Snow White.  ●  Mitchell, New York: I am attracted to the story line and moral of The True Snow White. When told without inhibition or fear of offending, it has the ability to compel the listener to “look within and embrace without”. I love the dwarfs. The wisdom and life experience of these little sages is so very attractive to me. And I greatly appreciate how humor is and always should be woven into the fabric of life’s lessons of learning.  ●  Benjamin, New York: The creativity of fairy tales is fascinating to us all. And to be able to use my acting craft in a story of The True Snow White’s caliber would be extremely gratifying.  ●  Kostas, London: The True Snow White is a tale with beautiful images and deep spiritual meaning. I love the story and its concept, and am very interested in participating in this project.  ●  Andrew, Wales: With such a fantastic opportunity rarely available, it would be a dream come true to get involved in any way possible. And oh, how pleased and happy I would be to tell my children, and eventually in years to come my grandchildren and great grandchildren, “Once upon a time your grandfather, a very fine actor, played an amazing role in The True Snow White film…”  ●  Renee, Burbank: I love and appreciate all forms of film- and TV-entertainment, but there is something special about the classic fairytales I grew up listening to as a child. And if I had the opportunity to audition and even become Snow White, well it would feel as if I were actually living a dream.  ●  Grace, Liverpool: It is often the best that are pushed down because those around them are afraid of developing and unfolding their own true selves, and of accepting them into their hearts and lives. And instead of being enjoyed and encouraged to shine, they are ridiculed and cast away, because they are living examples of the inadequacy of those still subject to the Stepmother and her evil reign.  ●  Alison, Cambridgeshire: Of course, Madonna! She is wickedly sexy, 50 and stunningly beautiful, and working like a dog and madwoman to stay that way. Oh my, can’t you just see her hosting the Stepmother’s fabulous party, and playing court to all those men? What an utterly wicked and captivating scene that would be! And she can sing!  ●  Rebecca, Somerset: The True Snow White is surely a future classic, a new ‘Brothers Grimm’ for generations to come. The interest in public feedback and a willingness to involve anyone who loves this project is really unusual, and you can tell just how much energy and passion are being invested.  ●  Adam, Staffordshire: Stories of love and hate, deception and malice are always fascinating, whether you are young or old. All women love young, handsome males. There are mothers who only have love for their sons. No woman on earth would ever be good enough for them! That is why many mothers and stepmothers are giving the young girls such a hard time. The True Snow White relates to this. And, really, we are all just playing ourselves!  ●  Sian-Louise, England: Finally a company willing to look outside the box of a “conventional” star i.e. those few able to afford the highest calibre of training from the most expensive schools in order to be noticed by the best agent!  ●  Rachel, New York: What fascinates me most about The True Snow White is the realism you have brought to the classic story. It’s wonderful! The writing paints the clearest picture in my mind. It’s whimsical, magical, suspenseful, and had me hooked. And if the direction is anything like the writing, it’s going to be an absolutely beautiful film!  ●  Jonathan, New York: Revitalizing this universal tale in such a vibrant, unique way is extremely interesting, and I appreciate the class and artistic vision with which The True Snow White seems to be progressing.  ●  Maggie, New Jersey: The True Snow White’s writing is unique in that it incorporates mature knowledge while maintaining the fundamental aspects of what makes Snow White one of the most renown children’s stories. It affords children the opportunity to possess much more spirit and control than the adults that govern them unfairly.  ●  Myra, New York: The True Snow White fascinates because it explores what’s so prevalent in many of today’s cultures, which is the obsession with youth and beauty. But so much more important is its theme that happiness as well as “beauty” are arrived at only through what we have within us, which can’t be claimed or owned by just one person, but belongs to and unites us all.  ●  Sharon, England: Show White didn’t need a prince to rescue her. She was already fulfilled and made the best of her lot. No moping and fawning about, waiting for a saviour, but a joy to be around. A prince is just the icing on the cake. Yet this part of the fairytale has denied millions of women stable homes as parent after parent put dreams into impressionable girls’ heads, never realising they would evermore believe in handsome princes and “happily ever after”.  ●  Jenny, New York: I strive to make the best of all situations and have fun with whatever I am doing. Otherwise, being a struggling actress would be silly. Outward beauty is something that cannot be ignored and is very pleasing, though it fades. But what you have created yourself to be doesn’t. That message gives me hope. This project seems like it would be one of the best experiences ever, and however I can be involved would be amazing.  ●  Israel, New York: No one has ever done anything like this about the character of Snow White and all of her contemporaries, and I would love to be part of something as epic as The True Snow White.  ●  Havier, New York: I have a passion for visually stunning productions in both film and theatre, and from The True Snow White’s website it seems like the film is going to be a visual masterpiece that I would love to be a part of.  ●  Kirsty, London: I love the fact that you are interested in girls that may not have the money to go to theatre schools. I really admire that. You seem to be giving everybody the chance to show you who they truly are, and not just be another person in a crowd.  ●  Elisa, New York: What fascinates me most about The True Snow White is how the original story has been expanded. No cartoons, just the story of a young girl’s coming of age in a world different from our own, but one we can step into. And that’s why I am so passionate about the work this project represents, and would love to be a part of it.  ●  Melissa, England: The True Snow White shows a real sense of creativity, and new perspectives to young people on how fairy tales can be told and accepted.  ●  Rena, New York: I am fascinated by how The True Snow White has opened itself up to a worldwide audience for feedback and suggestions, which creates a truly global vision for this classic story, and will ensure the project’s universal relevance and appeal.  ●  Nicole, Sidney: Rather than a simplified, black and white story, we are presented with a multitude of facets calling for careful consideration before we label any character as virtuous or not. An approach that will probably have the audience in an emotional wreck being able to relate to the numerous positive and negative aspects of each character, and struck by its emotional and dynamic realism.  ●  Suzanne, London: The True Snow White’s modern approach to a classic fairy tale is really refreshing and exciting. The whole world needs to believe in something bigger and better than themselves. Indeed, we all need to dream.  ●  Claire, London: I look forward to being part of something so futuristic and professional like The True Snow White. New ideas need theatrical expertise to realise effect. There is no doubt that this is the standard of performance you seek. And I am glad to follow and have the chance to deliver at this level.  ●  Oceana, New York: I am a choir singer and would love to contribute my mezzo soprano to The True Snow White. The music is just beautiful, and of course the story is enchanting. It’s everything I love!  ●  Stefanie, Sidney: The true essence of Snow White is her inner beauty. This is an age with so much emphasis on outward appearance, and many girls are thinking that a beautiful heart can’t be combined with this.  ●  Lauri, California: I am fascinated by the revival of Snow White’s story and its emphasis on the Grimm’s portrayal. I admire the movement to include the voice of the people in The True Snow White’s production. And I am amazed by the communal approach of casting for this film.  ●  Robert, Florida: The freshness of its writing makes The True Snow White come alive in a way I was quite surprised with. As a writer and actor, I can’t wait to read the rest of the story.  ●  Sayda, Los Angeles: What fascinates me most about The True Snow White is that it allows everyone to participate in the upcoming film as far as viewpoints are concerned. Makes me feel considered. Thank you mucho!  ●  Camellia, London: The True Snow White brings the original story of the Brothers Grimm back to life again. And it’s like real storytelling on the big screen!  ●  Mehdi, London: Snow White is a story that has inspired many of my generation, and one of the most popular fairy tales we have had the pleasure of reading and watching. Yet it’s time for a major update, as new generations deserve the same kind of quality entertainment we had.  ●  Marcello, London: The True Snow White is unique in presenting its story in a new and refreshing way. It’s bound to be a box office success because we are living in times when the world is changing in a major way. People are searching for what makes them truly happy. And I feel the time is right.  ●  Shannon, Los Angeles: The Hunter fascinates me. I am really taken by his character, and love that repentive moment when he lets Snow White go.  ●  Gabrielle, New Hampshire: The True Snow White’s title alone gives me thrills and chills. I want to tear her character apart, examine her from every angle, and finally accept Snow White for who she truly is. And then shake Walt’s hands for his first attempt, and Harald’s for continuing such a vital story that just has to be told.  ●  Hannah, Australia: The True Snow White is so intriguing and fascinating you just want to read more! It’s full of beauty and power.  ●  Maija, Lancashire: The True Snow White is a great story of love, hate, and jealousy that’s worth telling over and over again.  ●  Bret, New York: The simplicity, humanity, and vigor of a story such as The True Snow White makes it forever capable of reaching people at their core. You will obviously fill this “fairy tale” with as much life as you possibly can, and I want to be a part of any project with that much passion behind it.  ●  Matthew, Connecticut: The motives and events in actual fairy tales are often deeper and much darker than their Disney counterparts, which is essential for them to continue being the human parables they are.  ●  Meghan, New York: The True Snow White is a classic, yet inspired and revitalized. It’s exactly the kind of thing that keeps me excited about acting.  ●  Milli, London: Someone who actually knows what it’s like to fight for her goals and passions. Someone who truly knows what it feels like to crawl in front of others with all that character she has inside, crawl for survival. Crawl because that is the only way to proceed. That is your true Snow White.  ●  Venetia, London: What intrigues me most is the fact that you are so open and encouraging so much popular opinion about The True Snow White in order to create a common dream, which is essentially what a fairytale is all about!  ●  Tippi, London: What fascinates me most about The True Snow White is how innocence gets destroyed if no one saves you.  ●  Angela, New Jersey: As a young girl, I was able to be Snow White, saw her in myself, understood her. Now, as a grown woman and growing older, I look into that mirror and see the Queen, her stepmother … and understand her.  ●  Lori, New Jersey: What fascinates me most about The True Snow White? The search!  ●  Matthew, Maryland: The True Snow White sounds like a mark in history in revamping an already legendary story, truly compelling to an actor, and a dream for anyone to be part of.  ●  Abril, Houston: I love that The True Snow White gives you a romantic but adventurous feel. The story is awesome, and I know the actual film will be great. It seems to me that it will have beautiful sceneries and look very artistic.  ●  Marie, New Jersey: Every girl has the potential to be a true Snow White. And it’s not every day that you get the chance to become a storybook princess. Why would anyone pass up this chance?  ●  Eric, Pennsylvania: The idea of taking a story so full of magic and imagination like The True Snow White and expounding it to show the human elements of it all, and how there is a bit of magic in each of us, is something to be cherished and what I dream of both as an actor and a member of mankind.  ●  Jim, Los Angeles: Finding the true Snow White will take no less than an exhausting search among talented, young ingenues from stage and screen. A search for someone who isn’t just beautiful, but beautiful in a pure, wholesome sense – no supermodel or even a model per se, but more like the girl next door.  ●  Teddy, New Jersey: This is the most incredible, exciting, and completely detailed casting I have ever come across! You guys rock. Keep it up! And if you put as much or even less into the actual production, The True Snow White will win grand awards. Grand awards I say!  ●  Krista, Pennsylvania: What fascinates me most about The True Snow White is the level of commitment you are seeking from outside audiences. This will feel like such a participatory project, something that you don’t often find in Hollywood.  ●  Kirsten, Los Angeles: I love to sing and share my spirit through songs and voice. The True Snow White sounds like a very challenging and interesting and fun project.  ●  Eden, Hollywood: If you take Snow White’s stepmother as a symbol, this could easily be applied to a young girl in Hollywood. What are most of the films, television shows and commercials produced here truly rooted in?  ●  Peggie, Connecticut: The very fact that you are interested in our viewpoints is unique and refreshing. I, through the way you have presented this, feel that you are really going to read my words and consider my thoughts. With that approach your project is already a success.  ●  Clay, New York: I am most fascinated by how The True Snow White has been twisted and adapted to our capitalist culture. It is timeless and universal in many ways. And where in the world may you find her? Not in Hollywood, probably not even in the United States.  ●  Courtney, San Diego: As much as I respect Disney, they really corrupted all the good fairy tales and classic stories by making them too sweet and sappy. And it will be riveting to see The True Snow White done properly, with respect to its origins. For there is a reason they became classics just the way they are.  ●  JC, Utah: I would love to see a great treatment of this most popular good versus evil fairy tale of all. Given the right caliber of actors and real location shooting, The True Snow White would become a classic not just for children, but for everyone.  ●  Maia, Los Angeles: Snow White’s stepmother is the woman we love to hate. Looks, while important, are secondary to power and charisma. For a powerful woman is as strikingly beautiful as she chooses to be.  ●  Nicole, New York: Through adventures that test the characters’ courage, strength, cunning, wit, morality, and integrity, we discover that happiness is only found by truly seeking and living out our own journey – whatever it may entail.  ●  Corey, California: There is a multiplicity to the Stepmother who seeks a life we all wish to attain. Her goals are honest and fraught with love and fear, and all that is human. But it’s her unfortunate choices in seeking what she wants that classify her so specifically apart from everyone else.  ●  Melissa, Texas: The opportunity to share my voice through such a classic fairy tale would be a lifetime achievement. It’s rare to see a project like The True Snow White where the underdog is sought after. And I appreciate the thought and effort, outside of a reality show!  ●  Michael, Connecticut: As a former Abercrombie & Fitch model, Yale trained theatre graduate, and leading romantic male role in most productions, I believe I fit this part extremely well. I grew up with this classic fairy tale, and am ready to be part of The True Snow White.  ●  Stephanie, New York: With a little black hair dye, I am the true Snow White. I live in a dingy little New York apartment with boys who go off to work every day while I stay home to tidy and then run around to auditions. I love to take walks on beautiful days, and usually can be found singing to myself.  ●  Adam, Vancouver: Most fairy tales incorporate universal themes that are common to the epic storytelling traditions existing simultaneously in many cultures, which exemplifies how similar our human consciousness really is. And it is thrilling to be able to participate in The True Snow White, as each version or update of a well known fairy tale can be seen as a milestone of our evolution…  ●  Vanessa, California: The True Snow White illustrates the universal truth that goodness will always be resented, envied, and persecuted by evil. Usually, there is a set of kindly dwarves. And sometimes there is a prince! Thank you for reviving this story for the world.  ●  Eileen, Pennsylvania: I grew up with these fairy tales and always imagined myself in a story like that. I’m most fascinated by the challenge and sheer enjoyment of being able to work on The True Snow White.  ●  Lisa, New York: That’s who I believe the true Snow White is: someone who can win the hearts of millions by just being herself! The True Snow White is a classic fairy tale for our time that’s challenging, brave, and seems like a lot of fun. And there is nothing like bringing a fairy tale to life.  ●  Jenny, California: We have become desensitized to so many things, but not this. These timeless tales of truth and magic will never grow old. For they live somewhere deep inside us, in our subconscious, or perhaps our heart.  ●  Emma, Pennsylvania: The true Snow White is sitting in her den, reading books and plays, and learning the piano. She’s taking dance classes, watching musicals, and studying history.  ●  Sora, Alberta: I enjoy discovering different nuances to characters, discovering how and why the story is still present in the minds of people. These stories stand the test of time because they resonant with the fundamental essence of what it means to be human.  ●  Fairlith, New York: The True Snow White’s whole website and concept really fascinates me. I love the depth the story has been examined with, and it would be a really beautiful thing to be a part of and to watch expand.  ●  Jenny, New Jersey: I’m a child of the Disney era and would find it incredibly fascinating to be part of The True Snow White movie that breaks the universal idea ingrained in everyone’s heads.  ●  Michelle, Wisconsin: A devious, conniving, manipulative woman? Who wouldn’t want to express themselves in this way? To be free of societal standards, judged only by herself? A power trip that went extremely bad? And all in a day’s work. The perfect Stepmother would be the character study of a lifetime!  ●  Claudiu, Romania: The old music also contains the future in it. And I’m sure that many hearts will be able to recover from the darkness of the past and the meaninglessness of this life by just listening to it.  ●  Michael, Sweden: No other pianist is as romantic: enough to be totally vulnerable, committed and unafraid, and one who knows that what may be gained is only in proportion to what is risked.  ●  Marti, New Orleans: The True Snow White’s introduction of Christian symbolism to the traditional, pagan nature of the original story is very intriguing, and it will be fascinating to see this project translated to the film medium.  ●  Adrian, New York: I am fascinated by The True Snow White and your concept of making it into a film; the challenge of taking a tale woven into the fabric of society, and bringing it to the next generation.  ●  Adam, New York: This is a story that played a huge part in my childhood and thousands of other peoples’ lives, and continues to today. To be able to be a part of this production and keep the telling of Snow White alive and fresh is an unbelievable opportunity.  ●  Kimberlee, New York: This is such a beautiful story that represents the innocence each and every person can have within themselves, a triumph over those that are negative towards you, and the rewards of being true to yourself  ●  Cindy, Connecticut: I love the beautiful range of colors in The True Snow White, from youth and innocence to tainted, revenge, jealousy, and bravery. It’s all there!  ●  Michael, New York: I am most intrigued by the magnitude of The True Snow White, and the many opportunities to be a part of this project. It would be like kissing a prince! Though I prefer a princess.  ●  Chelsea: Before I say anything further, I would like to tell you how lovely The True Snow White seems to be. I am absolutely positive millions across nations will be touched and moved by such depth and emotion as I have already been, merely being exposed to the thought of it.  ●  Heather, California: I love original fairy tales. They have wonderful and important messages, and Disney usually sanitizes these precious stories in a way that either softens or nearly erases the original intent.  ●  Jeanine, New York: The scale of The True Snow White is big. So many people involved, with such a fantastic and important story to tell.  ●  Stephanie, New York: It’s about time a new project was done on Snow White. It is such a fantastic story with a mix of dark and comedy that is perfect for everyone.  ●  Alyssa, New Jersey: The true Snow White can be found anywhere. For all we know, she could be discovered in a mall, walking down the street, a complete unknown. But when you see the girl, something inside will tell you that she is the one.  ●  Anna, New York: What fascinates me the most about The True Snow White is the joy I know it will bring not only to kids around the world, but adults as well.  ●  Chris, Los Angeles: The True Snow White is pure character work. Nothing better.  ●  Nina, New York: The True Snow White is a fascinating project that includes many real life metaphors, and that’s what makes it so interesting.  ●  Mary, Los Angeles: You could truly do something extraordinary here. Cast someone the world would not expect. Say something with a startling choice. True wickedness always comes as a surprise.  ●  Kat, New York: People can say what they want about the digital age isolating us, I think blogs like yours bring us all together.  ●  Daphne, Los Angeles: The mere thought of the colors and characters already brings lightness into my heart. Sensitivity and innocence are very beautiful, and that is what I see in this project.  ●  Talia, Los Angeles: Prude, domineering, vindictive, charming, conniving, alluring, clever, sharp, mean, restless in finding her fortune, shallow, perhaps a little sly, deceiving, and superficial. I sometimes wish she would just disappear…  ●  Jaclyn, Los Angeles: I think The True Snow White, if done the right way, could literally blow people away.  ●  Martie, California: This is so much fun that I wonder why it hasn’t been done already. Very creative.  ●  Tommy, New York: Fantasy provides us with a world of opportunity, and we can collaborate to create the rules of that world, which supplies endless opportunities to how far we can go in any given direction.  ●  Mickey, New York: I love characters who we think we know, but on closer inspection realize they have some explaining to do. Like why doesn’t Snow White just tell her father what’s going on? Why stay in a house with seven little men and be their slave? Exploring that would be really interesting.  ●  Natalie, New York: Everything about The True Snow White fascinates me, because I love the entire story line. But what intrigues me the most about this project is that you are asking actors, not animations, to bring the story to life. Young children as well as adults love this movie, and now they will be able to see it in a different light.  ●  Sandra, New York: I also have an ability to reach down into the darker, ugly recesses of sin we all have, but through personal faith control. Snow White’s stepmother feels it is her right to seize this power and exclusive desirability. So yes, it’s all about her personality and charisma, but on a much deeper level, her spiritual core.  ●  Cindy, Pennsylvania: Growing up with fairy tales, I think it’s a wonderful idea to freshen them every once in a while, because adults and children alike appreciate it: adults for the new spin, and children because they seem to be getting smarter and wittier.  ●  Colleen, New York: Defeating the wicked Stepmother is a universal dream come true.  ●  Patrick, New York: I find it fascinating when history and myth intertwine. Each generation has its own take on the story: from the Brothers Grimm to Alexander Pushkin, Walt Disney, and now you!  ●  Joseph, Connecticut: The True Snow White presents a privileged young woman who reaches inside herself to find an inner strength to cope with what could otherwise be a devastating situation.  ●  Leigha, New Jersey: Snow White was one of my favorite stories as a child. To be in a production like this would be a huge honor.  ●  Kaitlin, Oklahoma: Reading The True Snow White, I think it develops the story and its characters to a degree in which they seem like they could be real people.  ●  Carmen, New York: The Stepmother is insecure and uncomfortable in her aging skin. Her acts are crimes of the heart. I am always fascinated by the truth, and anything I can do as an artist to participate in providing people with the truth attracts me. In the end, Snow White rises above everyone that tried to put her down throughout her life, and I know that one day I will do the same.  ●  Blair, Los Angeles: I am most fascinated by the underlying emotion in every character. There is incredible subtext in The True Snow White. And that’s what makes a story important: not the black on the page, but the white!  ●  Joan, San Francisco: The True Snow White presents an intriguing approach. I read the excerpt on this website, and it was very well written. Speaking as an editor, I do not make a statement like that lightly.  ●  Aly, Calgary: The variety of characters in The True Snow White and the great range of emotions that can be shown by each character are truly amazing. I think that everyone can relate to this story and get something out of it.  ●  Matthew, New York: I am fascinated by the mythological viewpoint, how The True Snow White, an archetypal story, can influence people on an unconscious level, and when fully experienced can have beneficial effects in the person’s life.  ●  Amelia, Hollywood: Snow White’s Stepmother is the most interesting character because you immediately sense there must be a ton of back story, she always makes you wonder how she got to that place of spite and evil, and in the end you feel as though you must mourn her demise. I can’t wait to see the cinematography and hear the music.  ●  Amber, Utah: This story hasn’t been told for many years now, and I think it will be so exciting to see another generation of children and young adults fall in love with the true Snow White all over again.  ●  Elizabeth, Connecticut: I adore fairy tales. I feel the world needs more exposure to them. They show us our power and in a way teach us to love.  ●  Allie, New York: I am very fascinated with tragedy, as well as the irony of the Disney version compared to The True Snow White. And this sounds like it will do the true story justice.  ●  Cecilia, Chicago: I love how each character in The True Snow White teaches her a different lesson. You have to really pay attention to it.  ●  Joe, New York: I believe Shakespearian stories and timeless fairy tales like this are a hundred times more meaningful and worthwhile when you take them off the shelf and look at the characters as people and not as old, faded, imagined ghosts.  ●  Amanda, New York: This project seems fresh, innovative and freed from the common influences of society, and I love the idea of The True Snow White in the context in which it was written, telling a story that is wholly human.  ●  Corina, New York: I have been reading all evening. So many wonderful articles about your work on the net.  ●  Cornelia, New York: I feel the beauty of the German forest in your writing of this story, and experienced it first hand when I made a music video and looked out the window of a German castle. Ethereal.  ●  Neil, New York: What fascinates me the most about The True Snow White is the artistry of your writing. I am not a big fairy tale fan – more of a Braveheart guy – but I read your preview and your words painted a beautiful picture.  ●  Mary, New York: I think it’s fascinating that my whole family is talking about this story around the dinner table.  ●  Jo-Anne, Connecticut: You’ll find the true Snow White on an undiscovered island, a girl who is totally untainted by the world we know. Of course, once she has been discovered and assimilated into our culture, the snow wouldn’t be so white anymore.  ●  Kama, New York: The Stepmother was smart and sexy enough to meet the King and marry him, but will do nothing to keep her place, even poison an apple, cast spells, fly on a broom… The true Snow White portrays innocence, gullibility, naivete, and doesn’t really understand the female powers she possesses. Just like Eve before the apple.  ●  Amanda, New York: This project seems exciting and real, an opportunity to apply one’s talent to developing a potent, currently casually understood story.  ●  Eric, New York: In a metaphoric way, the problems faced by Snow White as she journeys on her destined path not only symbolize man’s inhumanity to man, but also the existential conditions of our times.  ●  Vrenda, New York: Its reawakening at this particular time is something to be passionate and excited about, and the possibility to be part of creating something so vibrant is absolutely magnetic to me!  ●  Jennifer, New York: The true Snow White, I believe, is all around you.  ●  Jennifer, Illinois: Snow White is a classic romance about family, deceit, betrayal, friendship, new beginnings, murder, courage and love.  ●  Daniel, Los Angeles: I can picture this actually taking place way back in history.  ●  Alexandra, Utah: I can’t wait to see how this is going to be put together. If I’m not cast I’m still going to the theater!  ●  Thomas, Paris: What I like the most about this project is the idea that love can heal the world…  ●  Ann, New York: You may even find the true Snow White right here in New York. There is a surplus of untapped, fantastic talent…  ●  Brittany, Los Angeles: Reading through the comments here makes it so clear how important and powerful this story can be. Thank you for being so open, unconventional, and inspired about casting. I feel you truly will find the perfect group of people to work with using this style!  ●  Wanda, New York: Snow White is one of the best family classics of all time. Who wouldn’t want to be part of this?  ●  Jordyn, New Jersey: I think that many of these qualities have died out in recent generations, and The True Snow White might just be the perfect way to re-establish them in the young people who will soon inherit responsibility for the world.  ●  Adrieanne, Los Angeles: I am just excited that someone is actually taking the time to make every little girls’ dream come true and make Snow White real and tangible.  ●  Klemen, New York: It’s a huge challenge, and that’s exactly why I think it’s so exciting.  ●  Alina, New York: It’s about time that Disney’s version had an update.  ●  William, New York: The True Snow White is a fantasy, a journey to the subconscious that speaks to the audience’s heart first, then maybe mind. It’s a dream. It’s real. And then we wake up. Think Mozart. Think Queen.  ●  Cliona, New York: All I need is a chance.  ●  Elex, California: The true Snow White will be extremely hard to find in this world – someone who places herself after others and passionately cares for the good of all rather than the interests of just one, and who is courageous and willing to put her entire being into what she believes is right. Instead of being the typical hero, the Prince doesn’t have to be anything dramatically special, who looks and acts like he is the physical incarnation of everything good.  ●  Ryanne, North Hollywood: I used to play Snow White as a little girl. She was my older sister and friend. She introduced me to magic and the theatre, and I would love the chance to give that gift to other little girls.  ●  Adam, New York: The True Snow White seems to be a combination of all the elements of many different arts combined into one project.  ●  Danielle, New York: The perfect Stepmother’s eyes communicate a myriad of emotions, mainly her facade of wickedness, but also the flicker of a more relatable and sympathetic woman underneath. The True Snow White takes us away from everyday reality. When the troubles of daily life and our busy schedules seem to overwhelm our thinking, all we need is to allow the magic of a show to carry us away to another time and place. In this new world, anything is possible, and our imaginations are no longer limited.  ●  Anna, Utah: Snow White has many different levels because she plays so many roles in her life – princess, servant, young girl, motherly figure to the dwarfs, and also a wife to the prince. All of these roles make her who she is. I would love to see what you created.  ●  Bethany, New Jersey: What fascinates me the most about The True Snow White is how no matter what shape, size, or animal, everyone is accepted as long as they have a good heart.  ●  Melissa, Utah: Snow White is a classic children’s story, and the possibility to see it in non-animated, real form is an amazing concept. It has the potential to become a true, new classic.  ●  Elena, Utah: I would love to fulfill every little girl’s dream of portraying a fairy tale princess, and doing so in such a different and realistic way.  ●  Naomi, Utah: I have always loved the Disney movie. But when I read The True Snow White it really inspired me. It felt as if I was actually pulled into Snow White’s world.  ●  Kristy, Utah: To actually be part of something like that would be spectacular!  ●  Jaclyn, Connecticut: Some things never change. Classic fairy tales always interest people. But a fairy tale with a twist? That will definitely have mass appeal.  ●  Alena, Utah: I like how the author of The True Snow White took the classic version and added a theme and an important meaning.  ●  Shawnae, Utah: I love acting. Being up on stage or in front of a camera with the lights on you and everyone’s attention, and becoming someone completely different and living a different life for even a few moments is so amazing to me. I have never felt something so wonderful in my life, and don’t think I ever will.  ●  Richard, New York: This seems to be a really ambitious project which I hope will result in a very un-Disney-like version of the classic story. Like most fairy tales and myths, it involves not only romance and magic and happy endings, but also the sorrow, brutality and painful sacrifices we face when we pursue our dreams.  ●  Leslie, California: I think your approach and desire for feedback and interactivity is wonderful!  ●  Kristina, New York: The True Snow White captivates you from the very first sentence. It’s a journey into a different time and place, to a world of joy saturated in sadness, of power, beauty and obsession. It lures your mind into the story, and there is no way out until the end.  ●  Annie, West Hollywood: What I enjoy the most is the way the author paints the picture for his listeners. Children are so bright nowadays, and are capable of understanding a much deeper and more honest story of Snow White.  ●  Nick, New Jersey: You are looking for a diamond in the rough. You never know what struggling actress you might find out there that could end up being the next big star simply because you recognized her talent and were willing to give her a chance.  ●  Josh, New Jersey: The true Snow White should probably be from a rural country, so as to capture true innocence…  ●  Kimberley, New York: At all of the different ages, Snow White never loses her sense of wonder, excitement, determination and curiosity about the world. I think there is something to be said for a girl who never lets go of the dream that someday her prince will come.  ●  Sarah-Doe, New York: I would like to do anything I can to put young women back on a path of self-determination and empowerment.  ●  Naomi, New Jersey: The one thing I love the most about your project is that you are asking for my opinion about it.  ●  Elif, New York: I am of the generation in which Disney has had a major hand, and it would be exciting to revamp those old notions of Snow White and create a new take on it.  ●  Leo, Washington D.C.: I know this project is going to be amazing. All the people involved would be able to grow in and explore this timeless classic together.  ●  Nikolas, New York: What fascinates me the most about The True Snow White is telling a creative, gritty, truthful, complex story that avoids simplifying or dumbing down archetypes.  ●  Jo, London: What intrigues me the most about this project is a sense of possibility to portray a character who has pervaded our childhood memories – who has made us question our own vanity, mortality, beauty and jealousy, and who could be one of the best characters an actress has ever been asked to play!  ●  Krista, Pennsylvania: I would love any chance to work on such a great project. I think it is operated with a passion that is needed in the industry.  ●  Carla, British Columbia: I haven’t been this excited or passionate about a project in a long time.
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