OPEN LETTER:  Disney kills the public domain and the world keeps watching . . .

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Lusus Serius (The Serious Game) by Madeline von Foerster

Lusus Serius (The Serious Game) by Madeline von Foerster

“This work shows the caprices of fate, and the opposing forces of creation and destruction, but with triumph given to neither. The pregnant queen represents potentiality and promise. The Sphinx symbolizes obstruction and ruin.

I have always loved the Sphinx, formidably guarding her path by means of riddles issued on carrion-scented breath. Mythologically, I think this kind of creature represents the need for us to confront our own most ugly selves, our own unanswerable questions, on our journey of life.

At the stage of the chess game in which my painting is set, the outcome is not yet certain. Both players have a chance yet to win the match, though the final victor, of course, is Saturn (Father Time), whose image is carved under the chessboard.” Continue »

Disney DOES NOT own Snow White

By Harald Walter Azmann
Reading, United Kingdom

In short: Blatantly taking advantage of what Danny Silverman has aptly described as Trademark is soooo the new copyright, over the years, The Walt Disney Company has been stealthily trying to morph popular characters like Snow White FROM public domain THROUGH copyright INTO essentially never expiring trademark. Continue »

Audiences Will Be Mesmerized

A Young Girl Reading by Jean-Honoré FragonardBy Sharon Robins
West Sussex, United Kingdom

Audiences of today will be mesmerised by The True Snow White. The fantasy fairytales of old clash totally with the recent genre of reality film. Yet, as much as the fairytales of yesteryear have left some of us with unrealistic expectations, neither do many of us want the harsh realities of real life reminded to us for entertainment.

The True Snow White delivers a middle path of aspiration in life conduct. From the title alone, those who are not of a romantic nature are unlikely to look at it unless forced, so this suggests the audience will be Romantics or children.

To deliver The True Snow White to a child is to give them a balanced version of an ancient story. Such a version is a gift in moulding their development to look within and share without. Continue »

Once Upon A Time

Illustration de ma mère l'Oye by Gustave DoréBy Katie Comstock
Idaho, United States

Just as I thought it would, The True Snow White begins with the age old “Once upon a time . . .”

Most readers could probably not imagine another way to properly begin a fairytale, but Austrian author Harald Walter Azmann’s rendition that follows is anything but ordinary. His retelling of the classic Grimm Brothers’ Snow White delves deeply into the well- known  character’s heart and soul, presenting a tale of vivid imagery and wisdom for young and old alike.

I always thought I knew the story before I read The True Snow White. From what I learned as a youngster and Disney’s cartoon version, I had her pegged as a sweet, innocent little girl: her father dotes on her, the dwarves love her, she cleans and bakes and sings with the animals, her prince finds her at last, and life just couldn’t be more perfect. Continue »

See What You Have Done

Click to watch Betty's story By Betty Chinn
California, United States

Dear Mr. Harald Walter Azmann,

I write to thank you and your readers for  your generous donation to Betty’s Blue Angel, and specifically to the shower project that I have been embarking on at St. Vincent de Paul in Eureka.

We recently received your donation of $3,000 supporting our shower fund, which currently has a balance of about $126,000.

It’s your donation and others like it that are making this dream a reality. I am hopeful that Eureka’s homeless will soon have a place to shower and do laundry, improving their hygiene, health and self-esteem. I hope you and your readers take pride in this project, as you helped make it possible. Continue »

Neuschwanstein Castle

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